Jesus says: I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10,10

Personal Information

Who we are:

We are Nathanael & Jana Aclassato, and we are the founding directors of "Gospel Mission e.V.". We have been happily married since 2015 and have two children. Before starting "Gospel Mission," both of us attended a Bible school together. After successfully completing his Bible-degree in 2016, Nathanael has been engaged in full-time ministry.

What we have done and are doing now:

During our Bible study and in the following months, together with valuable brothers and sisters in the Lord, we planted the Church "Gospel Church" in Cologne. It is still our sending church and our spiritual home to this day.

In March 2017 we followed God's call to serve at the Church "Glaubensforum-Dierdorf."

From the beginning, God had showed us that we would stay only for a time in Dierdorf. In Dierdorf, Nathanael served as one of the two full-time pastors. His main task was the teaching and preaching ministry. Also, he established a new prayer ministry at the church where Nathanael mentored leaders to take over the prayer ministry. To this day, people are led into God's presence through the then newly emerged prayer services.

Already during the time in Dierdorf God began to speak to our hearts and we felt that God would like us to live in East Germany for a while. In May 2019, the time had come that we moved our ministry to the state of Saxony. Here God has once again restructured and defined our work so that "Gospel Mission" has developed into the kind of ministry that it is today.

Our heartbeat:

Our hearts burn for the wonderful church of Jesus to walk full of joy and strength in the vision and the commission that Christ Himself gave it. And for the church to be formed into the glorious bridal church for which Christ will come again. Therefore we reach out to equip and strengthen the people of God and churches to which God sends us through the word of God, prayer, and the ministry of the Spirit. This allows us to encourage and set free the followers of Jesus to live their calling and also help others. In this way we want to do our part to fulfill God's wonderful plan to make disciples of Jesus of all nations.




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